Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dining room floor as promised

I had forgotten I promised to post a picture of the dining room floor once I got it done. The story behind it...God always provides for even the silliest things I think are important. I got this flooring on clearance and after completing the hallway floor I was worried that there wouldn't be enough. Really worried. But...

I had enough to finish. Not one piece left over and I created a patchwork of pieces for the edge and the inside of the closet, but enough to complete the whole floor.

My confession, I was kind of mad at God because it was a miracle and I don't use the term lightly, that I went to Home Depot, found the flooring on clearance, the salesman reduced it even further, and I had the money to pay for it.

Not soon after I finished the hall (it took 2 3/4 boxes for the hall) I started to worry that I wouldn't have enough for the dining room. I stuffed down my anxiety and started laying the strips of flooring. The closer I got the more I was grumbling...if You wanted me to do this and You went to all the trouble to supply the materials, shouldn't I have enough? I was reminded of the Israelites in the desert when God provided manna for them to eat. At first, they were happy and then they me. Ungrateful. Oops.

I continued to finish the floor. The main part was done, but I had to finish edge and it looked like I might have to special order a whole box for ONE strip of flooring. I decided to take a break before I finished the floor. The next day I very carefully measured and cut the one strip I had left and it covered every inch of the edge. I had saved the end pieces that I cut off and used them to finish the last small strip in the closet.

Yes, I started crying because God had provided and I hadn't trusted Him. I was doing the same thing I always do...worrying and questioning His provision. Yikes, don't you think I'd learn by now? I'm old enough to know better as my mom would have said. But am I? Are we? Does God ever stop teaching us lessons? I guess like my friend said "It would be pretty boring if we just 'got it' and then we were done learning for the rest of our lives." Well, okay, that was gracious, but I tell you I am on a mission to "get it" and be thankful for everything He gives me every day.

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