Sunday, June 17, 2012

New hall floor...dining room to come

In a previous post I showed you the lovely floor that I uncovered when I went crazy decided to remove the carpet from my dining/living room/hall because my very old cat had decided to use it as a litter box.

Absolutely lovely...not. This was in the dining room and hall to the back door.
The living room has maple hardwood floors. Very pretty and in good shape too.

However, they are all connected so I needed to find something that would look nice and cover up that hideous brown and tan tile.
I have been haunting Loews and Home Depot for months and months. I was looking for something cheap inexpensive. My finances are...umm difficult right now. Divorce, part time job, etc. Anyway, I saw a product on the Home Depot website called Allure. There are videos online showing how to install it and the process looked simple. I decided to make a trip to Home Depot just to see if they had the same thing in the store.
As luck would have it they did have it, BUT the maple color that matched my hardwood is a special order. A nice man came by and asked me if I needed help and I asked him if they had any maple in stock. He said, "No, its a special order, BUT I do have 5 boxes that someone returned and they are on sale for $37.00." (normally $49.00 per box). I needed 7 boxes so I would have to order the other 2. I ordered them and while we were doing that another salesman came over and said give her a discount since that box is open. He loaded the 5 boxes and walked up to the register with me. Where he discounted the open box to $20 and the other 4 to $25!!
I believe that God provides for me on a regular basis, but this kind of thing blows me away. He is an awesome God all the time, but I sure appreciate these gifts He gives and I know it was from Him.
I brought the boxes home and it took me about 4 hours to do this:

My pug, Rosie thinks it looks great. It's supposed to be water proof. That's good because the back door gets a lot of paw traffic.
I have to wait for the other two boxes so I can do the dining room, but that's okay because my knees are killing me! And I have a blood blister on my thumb.
I'm not going to say this was "easy" because I used a couple of naughty words when I had to cut some special pieces. Overall it looks good and I'm happy with the look. I still have to find some transition strips that will work in various areas, but the work is never really done is it?

Thanks for coming on my adventure,
Until next time,

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