Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long time no see

I'm sorry it has been so long since I posted. I have been trying to clean our my house so I will have less crap stuff to pack, if and when I can sell it.

I don't know what to do. My family is in flux right now. My oldest daughter is working at the beach for the summer and now she may decide to live there for good. Boo hoo. If it was me I would do it! Cannon Beach vs. Spokane. Hmmm
On the upside, I would get to visit her as often as I could pay for gas. My son got a job and moved out. It's just me and my youngest daughter. It's awfully quiet around here. After raising five children having one left is very strange and very quiet.We have been having a lot of rain so it would be easy to live at the coast if I could find a job there.

I was looking at mobile homes and found this blog. My Heart's Song by Geneva in Texas. She and her hubby have retired and sold their huge house and have downsized to a mobile home. What she has done with it is amazing! It is beautiful. Go check it out. She has some fabulous ideas for any cozy home. Here is a picture of her kitchen remodel. Fabulous!

Isn't it beautiful? She explains the process of painting the cabinets, etc.

I have been trying to figure out how I want to focus my blog. Should I just make it a journal of sorts? Actually, things have been really tough around here lately so I haven't wanted to dump share all that with you all. Who wants to read that?

On the other hand, I would much rather read a blog where the author is sharing real stuff vs. reading a "Christmas letter" blog. I really don't read fluffy blogs. Another pet peeve is reading blogs when people have loads of money so all they have to do is schedule their remodel with all the contractors they can afford to pay and voila--no creativity or talent required--just money.

I scanned a bunch of photos the other day for my daughter. Does anyone know a way to scan more than one photo at a time? Gosh, it took forever and there are a lot more to scan.

So much to do, so hard to buckle down and get it done. I'll leave you with my ducks...not really, mine aren't in a row.

Cute little guys.

See you next time,

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