Thursday, March 1, 2012

25 Random things...

I have been waiting for the weather to go from grey to light so that I could take some pictures of some of my junkin' treasures, but alas every time the sun comes out for 10 minutes I am at work. So here I am running behind the band wagon trying to catch up and jump on. A lot of other bloggers have posted 25 things about their lives. I thought it might be fun, mostly because I am down with a head cold and am so tired of being unproductive. I'll try to find some interesting pictures to post between my boring numbers...

1. Are you like me in that whenever you catch a cold you start looking around to find out where it came from? Why? Am I going to confront them? It's a silly thing to do since I work with the public and I could have picked up the germs any where.

2. I really HATE cough drops. They make my teeth feel dirty. I did find some Dad's Root beer cough drops at the Dollar Tree. My kids and I loved them and of course I could never find them again.

3.  It has been snowing here off and on for several days and I am really ready for Spring.
4. I rejoined Weight Watchers--again. It's the only plan that works for me. I had to wait months until I was really ready and knew I would actually WORK the plan.
5. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately. I don't make too many comments though. I feel so...anonymous when I comment. When I really want to tell a blogger something I find their email. It's so much more personal.
6. I am a little upset that it is chic to junk, recycle and re-purpose NOW when I've been doing it for years and years with no appreciation whatsoever.
7. I find myself not wanting to read the blogs where people have money to make whatever change they want at any little whim. Am I jealous? Maybe a little, but I don't think it takes any kind of creativity or imagination to redecorate when you have money at your disposal. Where is the challenge in that?
8. My friend at Revisionary Life likes to keep the tv on for white noise. I do too. My favorite show/white noise is NCIS. I do like to watch NCIS and I do. In fact I bought Seasons 1-8 for my birthday last year.
9. I HATE, HATE the stupid Viagra commercials. If I could do anything to stop them I would.
10. I have a family room full of treasures I have been collecting since December at estate sales and thrift stores and I haven't done anything with them.
11. I am considering opening an Etsy shop, but I don't know if I have the energy to do the work it takes.
12. I need a full time job soon, but I don't know if I have enough energy to work a full time job.
13. I had a miniature nervous breakdown when my cat started using the living room and dining room carpet for her litter box while I had my house on the market.
14. I ripped out the carpet myself and surprise there is asbestos tile in the dining room. Uh oh. No wonder the previous owners covered the hardwood floors and asbestos tile with carpet. The rooms are open and it's kind of patchy. I don't know what to do with it and I don't have the money to do anything anyway.
15. I teach computer classes at work (the library) but I can't even figure out my stupid DVD player with the 3 remotes and I really don't care.
16. I have 5 children, but two of them live with their dad in Texas and he has poisoned them against me so they don't talk to me. It breaks my mother's heart.
17. How bored are you?
I need a cool picture here->
18. My sister made me the beautiful quilt you see here and my coworker grew the tulips.
19. I am a California girl who was a Navy brat who ended up in the Pacific Northwest. I don't really know where my "hometown" is?
20. I am a librarian and its my dream job.

21. I have a really bizarre sense of humor. One of my favorite authors is Christopher Moore. He writes really funny strange quirky naughty novels. This one is really strange and good.

22. I like really hard alternative Christian music like Skillet, Kutless, Toby Mac, Third Day, Disciple, Red, but I also like the old hymns and used to sing in the choir at church. My daughter and I are going to the Rock and Worship Concert this Sunday.

23. My favorite food is...oh just about anything.
24. I really miss riding my bike and I don't know why I ever stopped.

25. I want to live at the beach. It's my heart's home.

Okay, 25 boring things that were running through my mind. You just got a picture of what it's like when I can't sleep at night. lol
Until next time,

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  1. Hi Clara,
    OK - #1 has me laughing out loud! Confront them! Ha! Why do we have to figure out where we got it, anyway? Very good question. Hey, thanks for the mention, too. I enjoyed finding out more about you. I am also sort of rebelling against the blogs who only post give-aways and paid product endorsements. I love knowing about products, but it just feels more honest from a non-paid blogger. And I like to read about their projects instead of someone else's commercial give-away. Don't let me get on a soapbox, though! Thanks for posting this. I'll pray for a lovely sunny day so you can photograph some of your treasures!