Sunday, December 11, 2011

What did I do?

I went a little nuts today. Things have been so stressful lately and I haven't decorated much for Christmas so I decided to rip up my 28+ year old carpet. I knew there were beautiful hardwood floors under the living room carpet because I already ripped it out in our bedrooms.
Like any other old house there are surprises when you start a project. This is the ugly linoleum I found under the carpet in the dining room. Oh my what have I done?
Fortunately, the hardwood in the living room is in great shape. Here it is.
Here is a close up. It's really very pretty and all I need to do remove about 4 million staples from the padding and the tack strips around both rooms and 2 halls and sand it a little and clean, and paint the baseboard. Then it will look like this:
But until I get that done. My living room and dining room look like this:
And it's 14 days until Christmas. It's a good thing my two girls are patient with me.
I did hear my 16 year old daughter mutter "crazy" as she walked down the hall.

We'll see how things come together the next few days. I saw some cool vinyl tile on Thrifty Decor Chick's website. I think I might put that down after I get the ugly linoleum removed from the dining room.
I will keep you all updated so you can mutter "crazy" after you read my posts.
For now,

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  1. I like that tile, too! I'd picked a similar one, but now want a more taupe and gray one.
    Your wood floors are so pretty! Good call taking up the carpet!