Friday, December 23, 2011

The tree is up.

I finally got the tree up after the longest light saga yet. I have had this smaller tree for 3 years and EVERY year the lights go out. It was a pre-lit tree and the lights are not supposed to go out if just one of them is out, but that's what has happened. I finally cut the lights off of it (there were hundreds) and bought some heavy duty strings that I can check before they go on the tree. Kinda defeated the purpose of the pre-lit tree. Oh well. Here it is:
You can see the hardwood floor that is in the living room and a corner of the ugly tile, but that won't be there for long if I can help it. I put one of my crocheted tablecloths under the tree.
I still haven't wrapped in presents. There will be just 4 of us for Christmas dinner this year, which is very unusual. I think I'll miss the chaos.
I was hoping for some snow, but we only got frozen fog. This is what it looked like last year:
It is beautiful, but I really don't like to shovel it. Thank heaven for my angel son. He is always good about getting out there and shoveling the beautiful stuff.
I cut a few small branches from my pine tree, added some dollar store picks, and candles to a tub I already had and voila! Inexpensive centerpiece. 

Wishing you all a very Blessed and Joyful Christmas.
For now,

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