Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve Eve

I can hardly believe we are on the verge of the New Year. This last one went so fast. Not necessarily a bad thing. 2011 brought a lot of changes and found me on my knees asking God for guidance more than usual. We've gotten to know each other a lot better.
We went to our Christmas Eve Service on Saturday and slept in Sunday morning. Opened presents and took a nap! Having raised five children, I am not used to naps on Christmas or any holiday for that matter. Quite can be good.

Christmas was very quiet compared to our usual chaotic melee. I had planned to go to visit my sister, but I couldn't make that work.

I have a special story to tell. Filling stockings is my favorite part of gift giving. My sister and I have filled each others stockings for several years. As usual, I had gathered goodies to fill my kids stockings. I pick little things up over months ahead f time because it can add up. I had forgotten to get the stockings out so I sent my oldest daughter to dig them out. She asked if she should get all 4, which would have included my stocking. I replied that I just needed 3 for her, her sister and brother because I didn't need to fill my own stocking. Santa filled the stockings and went to bed.
I was surprised in the morning when we got up and found that my stocking had been filled. My two daughters had gone out Christmas Eve and used some of their Christmas money to fill my stocking! There were all kinds of goodies in my stocking.
Junior Mints (my favorite), Carmex Lotion (smells heavenly), Hershey's Cookies and Cream, fluffy soft socks, A Christmas Story DVD (one of my favorites), The Big Bang Theory Season 4, AND a coupon for a foot rub!

Best of my darling angel girls (18 and 16) wrote me letters about how much they appreciate all I do for them. WOW! I won't post them here, but I tell you I cried. Good tears. They are such a blessing to me and then know me SO well.
My oldest daughter made me one of her personally decorated journals. I love it.
Here is a close up:
The back is equally charming. Isn't she talented?

Our candle lit dinner.

It's amazing how nice things look in the dark.

 Cherry cheesecake for dessert. The edges got stuck to the pan a little, but it still tasted good.

God's has provided abundantly. You can't see the ugly floor in this picture. Yippee!

I want to wish you all Happy New Year! I pray for God's Blessing on each and every one of you this New Year!

For Now,

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  1. I LOVE this post! Your daughters sound like lovely young ladies. My daughter has done similar things, and she knows just what I like. She filled my stocking too this year! I got Riesens, soft peppermints, dark chocolate kisses, fancy soap and energy shots! I love them all.

    Your table looks lovely and cozy. Thanks for sharing this sweet post!