Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now that you're hooked.

Hello all. I'm afraid I have been lax in posting. I just finished painting my kitchen. I love the warm butter yellow color, but now I want new tea towels and wall decorations and place mats. But WAIT,I am trying to simplify and downsize. God willing, I won't be moving to a nursing home soon, but I don't want to have a bunch of useless stuff that my kids have to throw away. I am learning to do with less and less and I find that it brings me a measure of peace. The burden of taking care of my "stuff" isn't as heavy. As easy as this may sound, (not) I have to remove the "stuff" I purge from my sight for a couple of weeks before I send it on its way. I suggest you move it to the basement or garage, preferably after you have put it in large opaque plastic bags. In a couple of weeks if you don't remember what's in the bag, drive by your local thrift store and drop it off. It's better than Weight Watchers for making you feel lighter. Trust me!