Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Broken and missing things...

I just went outside to turn the oscillating sprinkler on and it was broken for the umpteenth time. Of course, no one broke it or even used it. I'm sure I saw it under the trampoline that happened to be supporting several children at the time. This brings to mind the things that happen in the house that no one will claim responsibility for. Who puts the milk carton back in the refrigerator when it's empty? How do all the dishes get piled on the sink when the dishwasher is 6 inches away? Where DO the tape and scissors go?
I never believed they would happen to me because I was going to be so organized when I was running my household that I would always know--everything. I proclaimed this one afternoon when I walked in from school and my mother was standing in the kitchen with the Koolaid pitcher in her hand yelling at the top of her lungs that she had "had it and no one was every getting Koolaid again in her house because they always put the pitcher back in the refrigerator when it was empty!!"
An experience like that will turn anyone into an organizer. HA! The jokes on me-and you. I have determined that there are "creatures" who sneak into your house and hide things and play pranks on you to drive you insane. The good news is that when your children grow up and move out these "creatures" move along and the universe is put right again.