Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

You might not know that I am a died in the wool, red, white and blue patriot!
My father and my brother were both Veterans. I grew up a Navy brat in the old days when people honored our service men and women.

Not very many people consider the families of soldiers who give up time with their spouses and parents while the soldier is gone. There were many many months when my dad was on a cruise when he couldn't be there for us. There were Christmas's and birthdays and functions that he couldn't attend. My Mom was a single mom until the ship pulled in and dad came home.

You can't imagine the joy and excitement to see him coming down those stairs running towards us. Daddy's home! My heart swells with thankfulness and pride for the sacrifices these men and women make. And then there are some who don't come home.
Memorial day is for them more than anything. They gave everything for you and me and our country. I don't care how you feel about war. NO ONE ever wishes for war. Every single citizen of the United States of America should be thankful for the sacrifice of these selfless men and women.

So I leave you with this...if you are blessed enough to live in this great country and you are related to or know someone who has served, thank for their service this weekend. I wish I had treated my dad and my brother more like heroes when they were on this earth and


Until next time,

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